About our new site

As the technology is updating very fast, we also have to move in tandem.

Please update your web browser to the latest version to experience our site as we designed ours with the latest tool set. If you are using Chrome browser, it is handled automatically. For other browsers, please take little time to update. Our site is very simple and easy to browse through! No complicated menu structure or buttons. It will adapt itself to smartphone, tab and desktop(we call that as RESPONSIVE !). Little variations can be felt from device to device for the clarity. Everything is there in front of you.

We have designed this site with the latest software technologies for more ease and good presentation in mind. We have avoided FLASH and some other obsolete technologies and instead have used latest HTML standards. So, no need to install any other technologies or plugins ! (our old website had FLASH animations!)   As we are about to enter the 5G era, internet speed is really good nowadays and speed is no longer an issue. Also make sure your screen resolution is set at a minimum of 1280 x 1024  with 32 bit color depth. Please use at least 3G internet(broadband) for browsing purposes.

Please use this button to go to top of the page in any long page (only few long pages are there).

Our old website is there with all the information intact for you to browse. Please check the menu to go to the site. (You will miss the latest pizzazz though!)

Your suggestions and comments are welcome. Please use the contact page for your feedback.