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GMT India: Your ultimate source for everything about luxury timepieces

Where fine watches and the art of watchmaking get their due.

Since the year 2000, GMT Magazine has been the last word in the world of watches and watchmaking. And now GMT India is taking the Indian narrative forward with its detailed, expert coverage of watches and watchmaking as seen from close quarters. There’s plenty to keep discerning watch lovers engaged: not only will our readers get to know all about the industry, the trends and the market, legendary timepieces, both technical and aesthetic feats, celebrity connections and collector behaviour, but they’ll also have a ringside view of the latest watch fairs, exhibitions and events.

With insider perspectives from the GMT Magazine and the latest in the Indian watch landscape, GMT India is where you’ll get the lowdown on leading luxury watches, the brands behind them, their ateliers and more. GMT India will be published four times a year, in addition to our website news and features and the monthly newsletter.
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While the GMT Magazine is based out of Geneva, brand GMT also has sister-franchises in Korea, the GCC (Gulf Collective Council) and the sub-Saharan African region.