Cartier’s Nature Sauvage Is Extra Special to Me as I Am a Big Animal Lover: Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone, the brand’s global ambassador, speaks to GMT India about what it means to be the face of the new Cartier high jewellery collection
Cartier’s Nature Sauvage Is Extra Special to Me as I Am a Big Animal Lover: Deepika Padukone
May 30, 2024
Cartier’s Nature Sauvage Is Extra Special to Me as I Am a Big Animal Lover: Deepika Padukone

The latest high jewellery collection from Cartier, Nature Sauvage, along with the brand’s recently launched jewellery watches, draws inspiration from nature, specifically from animals. For instance, a snake splits into two to become a necklace as its scales get transformed into an urban chessboard; the silhouette of a beetle emerges from a necklace with an abstract motif, reminiscent of a skyscraper. Leading Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone, who has been a Cartier global ambassador since 2022, has become the face of this collection. In a candid chat, Padukone talks about why the collection is close to her heart. Excerpts from the interview:

GMT India: How does the Nature Sauvage collection resonate with you? 

Deepika Padukone (DP): The collection presents a theatre of apparitions, wherein “precious animals” are parading. It is almost as if different animal figures are the actors of the collection, playing with graphics and optical illusions in an imaginary world. 

GMT India: What was your first impression when you discovered the pieces of the Nature Sauvage collection? 

DP: The Nature Sauvage collection is so impressive. It is very different from the previous high jewellery collections I had discovered in the past. It reveals a variety of animals that have been part of the Cartier collections in the past, but I didn't discover them before. Did you notice that one of the necklace pendants can transform into a turtle brooch? It is very playful and at the same time, the pieces boast incredible craftsmanship. Absolutely spectacular! 

Deepika Padukone wearing the Koaga necklace from Cartier's Nature Sauvage collection

GMT India:  What are your favourite pieces from the Nature Sauvage collection? 

DP: My favourite piece is the Koaga necklace, inspired by the Zebra. The Zebra really comes to life by the stylised lines of the design, and the black and white are contrasted with an impressive pear-shaped rubellite. 

GMT India: What does this collection mean to you? 

DP: I find the craftsmanship of the Cartier high jewellery collection to be very interesting and impressive. This collection is extra special to me as I am a big animal lover. 

GMT India: Why did you agree to be the face of the collection? 

DP: It is an absolute honour to be the official face of the Cartier high jewellery collection this year. It is a great continuation of last year’s editorial high jewellery photoshoot we had created together. 

Deepika Padukone wearing the Mochelys neckpiece from Cartier's Nature Sauvage collection

GMT India: The campaign imagery captures a sense of playfulness. Can you tell us a bit about your day on the set – the location, your favourite images, and the most memorable moments of the day? 

DP: Shooting for the Nature Sauvage collection campaign was a lot of fun. I got to interact with unique pieces, inspired by nature. But what I found the most exciting was how these pieces were made with such modernity as well as timelessness. I believe that the pieces can be styled with different looks and garments. I think the most memorable moments were when we shot the TVC and when we experimented with certain colours for some of the looks.

GMT India: Tell us about your relationship with Cartier. When did it all start and how has your perspective on jewellery changed? 

DP: I have been collaborating with the Maison for a long time now; I have been an official ambassador since October 2022. It is an absolute honour to be part of the Cartier family and teaming up with a house known for its timelessness and iconicity. I owned Cartier pieces even before the collaboration happened, so, when we started the collaboration in 2022, it felt like an organic one. 

Deepika Padukone wearing the Cartier Celestun neckpiece from the Nature Sauvage collection

GMT India: Do you have any special memories linked to Cartier and high jewellery? 

DP: In 2022, we shared a very special moment in Madrid, where I had the opportunity to celebrate the launch of the Beautes du Monde High Jewellery collection with Cartier. It was a beautiful night in the gardens of Palacio de Liria. For the evening, the garden was transformed into a sumptuous backdrop. 

GMT India: How would you define your relationship with jewellery and what does high jewellery mean to you? 

DP: I think women, and especially Indian women, relate a lot to jewellery; it is an integral part of our culture and heritage. Given the fact that India offers different kinds of jewellery, our relationship with jewellery starts at a very young age. Most of our impressions regarding jewellery come from seeing our mother and grandmother wearing exquisite pieces. Jewellery plays a big part in our culture. Traditionally, jewellery gets handed down from one generation to another as when getting married, for example. It is not so much about the value or the price, it is mostly about the emotions behind jewellery. 

GMT India: What are some of your earliest memories of jewellery? 

DP: The earliest memory of jewellery involves those small pieces that you see your grandmother wearing around her neck or around her wrist or the pieces of jewellery that you see your mother wearing to a wedding. It forms an impression on your mind. It is not about the size of the piece but more about the emotions and sentiments around these. 

The Cartier Panthère Jaillissante piece from the Nature Sauvage collection

GMT India: Do you keep any jewellery piece that brings back special memories for you? A kind of treasure that you’d never part with? 

DP: I have small pieces that have been passed down generations. Or pieces that my mother bought for me when I was getting married. You know, in India, a newborn baby is usually presented with a little gold bangle or something to wear around the neck. I still have these pieces which I treasure; they are associated with special memories for me. 

GMT India: Which are your favourite Cartier pieces worn on red carpets or at events? 

DP: My favourite Cartier piece is the sapphire one I wore to the Oscars in 2023. I remember walking down the shopping street a month before the Oscars. Walking into a Cartier boutique, I set my eyes on this beautiful piece with an amazing sapphire stone. I remember making a note of it in my head. Just a couple of days later, I got a call to be a presenter at the Oscars. At that moment, when I visualised myself on stage, I saw myself wearing this necklace. It was really a special moment and it all came together so beautifully. 

Image credits: Cartier