Jaquet Droz Offers a Slew of Customisation Options for the New Tourbillon Skelet Sapphire Watch

The latest timepiece also features an all-new sapphire case without any screws, thus creating an illusion of a suspended movement in mid-air
Jaquet Droz Offers a Slew of Customisation Options for the New  Tourbillon Skelet Sapphire Watch
June 19, 2023
Jaquet Droz Offers a Slew of Customisation Options for the New  Tourbillon Skelet Sapphire Watch

Do you blindly follow fashion trends? Or do you prefer customisation to ensure exclusivity? If you are a person who is reluctant to yield to fads, you may prefer brands that offer customisation options. Limited editions are fine, but a product that follows the wearer’s specifications can be one-of-a-kind and soul-satisfying. If we look at the world of horology, luxury watch brand Jaquet Droz’s new Tourbillon Skelet Sapphire timepiece seems to be born for personalisation. 

Perfect hand-finishing was hitherto thought to be impossible in such cases – but Jaquet Droz craftsmen have achieved it.

The timepiece maker is known for its complex and refined movements, and has always aimed to improve upon what’s already perfect in terms of aesthetics. The Tourbillon Skelet Sapphire watch is one of the most technically advanced timepieces. It all started in 2011, when the luxury timepiece maker combined the Grande Seconde with a tourbillon, and decided to place it at 12 o’clock. This marked the beginning of a new artistic style, wherein the tourbillon is revealed through geometry.

It took several years of development to magnify colour and light and give collectors the prospect of infinity, but now Jaquet Droz proudly offers over a million possible combinations of its Tourbillon Skelet Sapphire, an extreme embodiment of its Philosophy of the Unique.

The 42 mm watch comes in a sapphire case with an 18 ct white gold tube and bar inserts, and a black ceramic crown. There are no screws in the all-new sapphire case, thereby creating an illusion of a suspended movement in mid-air. The new watch follows the same design principle as that of the Grande Seconde; the tourbillon sits at 12 o’clock and a time-viewing dial at 6 o’clock. Rules of geometry govern the appearance of the skeletonised dial, the tourbillon cage and the skeleton movement.

With the additional option of different jewel settings, each collector can now create their own bespoke timepiece from over a million possible configurations: look at the Tourbillon Skelet Sapphire as a creative platform on which each customer can give free rein to their creativity and sensitivity.

So, how exactly does the watch offer customisation? To begin with, the manufacturer presents customisation options for hour markers, hour, minutes and seconds rings, hands, strap colour, movement screws, crown, logo, folding clasp, oscillating weight and engraving. The wearer is given colour options for the sapphire as well — green (Ref. J0135270231), blue (Ref. J0135270061) and yellow (Ref. J0135270031). Each collector can also combine his or her selection with a variety of precious stone settings of his or her choice for the bridges and the hour markers.

In addition to this almost infinite choice of combinations, Jaquet Droz offers countless jewel settings: any shade of ruby, sapphire, diamond and emerald can be hand-set on the Tourbillon Skelet Sapphire’s bridges and hour markers. 

The face of the watch is created over two ‘multi-tier’ dials, one of which is crafted from the sapphire and displays the seconds, minutes and hours rings marked by gold indexes. The second dial in smoky quartz is almost invisible but gives the timepiece the classic figure eight shape that the brand is famous for. When it comes to the dial of the Grande Seconde Skelet-One Tourbillon, one can relish the role that light plays in creating a distinctive design aesthetic with varying levels of transparency on the dial and the reflector.

And at the end of the day, each Tourbillon Skelet Sapphire will be unique – just like its collectors.

Powering the watch is a self-winding skeleton tourbillon movement, Calibre Jaquet Droz 2625SQ, delivering a seven-day power reserve. This movement gets grey treatment, a titanium tourbillon frame and a single barrel. The oscillating weight is made of 18 ct white gold, provided with black treatment. The watches in the collection are finished on rubber straps with stainless steel and plasma ceramic folding clasps.

Image Credits: Jaquet Droz