Titan Introduces the Space-Inspired Stellar Collection

Dedicated to cosmic exploration and the world of stars, the watches were unveiled in the presence of space hero Rakesh Sharma
Titan Introduces the Space-Inspired Stellar Collection
November 7, 2023
Titan Introduces the Space-Inspired Stellar Collection

At an event in Bangalore yesterday, Titan Watches unveiled its new line of space-inspired timepieces, titled Stellar, in the presence of Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma, the first Indian to travel to space. The unveiling, which took place at the Titan Corporate Office - Integrity, Electronic City, Bangalore, followed a panel discussion with Sharma, Suparna Mitra, Chief Executive Officer, Watches and Wearables Division, Titan Company Limited, and Revathi Kant, Chief Design Officer, Titan Company Limited. 

To celebrate the brand’s 40-year milestone and 40 years of Sharma’s space expedition next year, the event—in addition to highlighting the brand’s horological journey—also offered the audience the chance to be regaled with Sharma’s enthralling stories of his cosmic journey as well as his takes on India’s recent celestial advancements. One such anecdote was about how breathtaking it was for him to watch the sunrise from space. “It takes 90 minutes to go around the earth once, so every 45 minutes, you can see the sun rise again. If you miss it once, you just have to wait 45 minutes. You get about 17-18 chances per day to see that,” he shared.

Titan Stellar launch
Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma flanked by Suparna Mitra and Revathi Kant

The all-new Stellar collection draws inspiration from recent advancements in space travel, the rapid strides India has made in the field, and the timelessness of the cosmos. Speaking about Stellar, Mitra said, “With this collection, we aspire to set new horological benchmarks, offering a fusion of sophistication and celestial inspiration that will undoubtedly resonate with today's watch connoisseurs.” 

The 11 SKUs and three limited-edition models of the collection spotlight the lifecycle of a star. While some timepieces’ design lines are rooted in the concept of the birth of a star (protostar), others highlight the disintegration of a star (supernova) and the afterlife of a star (black hole). Powered by in-house automatic calibers and crafted with rare earth minerals like aventurine and malachite, the limited-edition watches are truly unique. One of the three also features a dial crafted with authentic Muonionalusta iron meteorite.

Titan Stellar Protostar
This protostar-inspired model (Ref. 10009KM01) has luminous indices that impart a bright glow

The timepieces, inspired by protostar, sport luminous printed indices and hands that flaunt a striking glow, ensuring enhanced readability even during the darkest hours. The elegantly designed dials feature a 24-hour subdial, along with a date window showcasing a distinctive red pointer. The sleek satin finish of the stainless steel bracelet further enhances the overall finesse. The supernova-inspired timepieces stand out with the Sun Moon disc on the dials that mark the transition between day and night and the spaceship-inspired crowns. 

Titan Stellar Supernova
Supernova-inspired, Ref. 10010KM01 sports a case crafted from stainless steel

The timepiece that draws cues from black holes is especially fascinating. With an involute dial reminiscent of the mysterious appeal of black holes, the timepiece has indices and a bracelet inspired by the silhouette of a space shuttle. 7AC0, Titan’s in-house automatic caliber that is crafted in India runs the watch. It features 22 jewels and offers a power reserve of 38 hours.

Time Stellar Black Hole
Black holes form the inspiration behind 10011NM01 featuring a unique involute dial

While two of the three limited-edition timepieces are crafted with dials made from rare earth minerals like aventurine and malachite, the third—the magnum opus of the collection—has a dial crafted from Muonionalusta (an iron-based meteorite). Boasting a uniquely shaped case and a complex multi-piece construction with an interplay of finishes, the watch is equipped with a Titan in-house automatic caliber. It also comes with a high-padded, oil-pull-up leather strap with a double deployment buckle, and sapphire crystals on top and bottom faces.Speaking about the brand’s design philosophy, Kant touched upon the key cornerstones and revealed them to be “consumer-centricity, innovation, deep-design stories, and democratising design”. The new Stellar collection, offering enthusiasts a wide range of options (the prices range from INR 9,795 to INR 1,20,000), appears to effortlessly adhere to the very cornerstones of the philosophy embraced so assiduously at Titan Watches.

Image credits: Titan