Jaeger-LeCoultre Introduces Three Reverso One Precious Flowers Models

The limited-edition references celebrate the beauty of hibiscus and birds of paradise while honouring the brand’s craftsmanship heritage
Jaeger-LeCoultre Introduces Three Reverso One Precious Flowers Models
May 13, 2024
Jaeger-LeCoultre Introduces Three Reverso One Precious Flowers Models

The Reverso has never been just a timekeeper. The blank metal reverse side, though originally designed as a surface to protect the dial and glass, has long served as an ideal surface for personalisation. From emblems and monograms to messages of sentimental value, the Reverso allows wearers to personalise the timepiece using lacquer, hand-engraving or enamel.

Each of the three models highlights the brand's commitment to celebrating rare artistic crafts

With its Métiers Rares® atelier, Jaeger-LeCoultre remains one of the few watchmaking manufactures to house an artistic crafts workshop under its own roof, and continues to honour and celebrate rare artistic crafts that form such an integral part of the brand’s rich craftsmanship heritage. When unveiled at Watches and Wonders 2023, the Reverso One Precious Colours references had stood out for their striking colourways and grand feu enamelling. These new limited-edition Reverso One models—the tropical-themed Precious Flowers series—offer a brand new glimpse into the workings of the Métiers Rares® atelier that continues to blur, with ease, the lines between watches and high jewellery. GMT India takes a closer look at the three models.

Reverso One Precious Flowers - Birds of Paradise

Ref. Q3292421

The 24ct gold leaves add a striking texture to the orange and golden tones

The tropical aesthetics of this reference stand out at first glance. Crafted from pink gold and sized 40mm x 20mm, it combines the elegance of the Reverso with a bright tropical expression inspired by the flower birds of paradise. While the watch face features mother-of-pearl, the second dial showcases the vibrant, eye-catching design of the birds of paradise by making use of grand feu Champlevé enamel, paillonnage and snow-setting. To bring the birds of paradise to life, 19 colours were required; the usage of 24ct gold leaves adds a distinct texture and glow to the orange and golden tones. Staying true to the Reverso’s Art Deco spirit, this model—with its geometrical shapes, figurative tropical elements, and vibrant colours—is evocative of tropical Art Deco influences of the 20s and the 30s. The gleam of the 331 brilliant-cut diamonds is complemented by the shiny green alligator strap. Limited to 10 pieces, the watch is powered by the manual-winding Calibre 846 that offers a 38-hour power reserve. 

The model draws inspiration from tropical Art Deco elements

Price including tax: Rs. 1.07cr

Reverso One Precious Colours - Hibiscus Enamel

Ref. Q3292422

The 12 colours of transparent and opaque enamel require a nine-layer application

Also crafted in pink gold and flaunting 157 brilliant-cut diamonds that amount to 1.25 carats, this reference (available in a limited edition of ten) showcases the beauty of the hibiscus flower. Reinterpreted in shades that remind one of a sun-kissed lagoon, this timepiece highlights the tropical essence common to the series. Sized at 40mm x 20mm, it’s powered by manual-winding Calibre 846 with a 38-hour power reserve. The case, featuring a delicate hibiscus and foliage decor, is completely enamelled—for the first time on a Métiers RareTM Reverso—and tiny pieces of 24ct gold leaf are cut to the exact shape and size of the patterns to be filled in; these are then manually applied. The details on the flowers and the foliage require 12 colours of transparent and opaque enamel, applied in nine layers. The alligator leather strap, in shiny blue, offers the perfect contrast to the complexity of the stunning enamelled case.

Price including tax: Rs 96.50L

Reverso One Precious Colours - Hibiscus Diamonds

Ref. Q3292423

The manual application of the gold leaves adds a stunning texture

A diamond-studded version of the above-mentioned model, this reference combines the crafts of enamelling, paillonnage and gem-setting. A background of snow-set diamonds contrasts beautifully with the rich hues of the flowers and leaves. The gem-setter works freehand while choosing and placing the stones, a challenging technique that requires 120 hours. The timepiece is set with more than 500 diamonds of varying sizes and the drawn flowers and foliage are subjected to 12 trials of colour research in order to arrive at the desired shades. Also limited to ten pieces, this reference is powered by manual-winding Calibre 846 as well.

The diamonds effortlessly complement the exquisite enamelling

Price including tax: Rs. 1.18cr

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Image credits: Jaeger-LeCoultre