The Hublot X Daniel Arsham Droplet Offers an Innovative Take on Pocket Watches

New York-based artist Daniel Arsham and Hublot have reimagined pocket watches, combining an antique form with futuristic materials and techniques
The Hublot X Daniel Arsham Droplet Offers an Innovative Take on Pocket Watches
June 7, 2024
The Hublot X Daniel Arsham Droplet Offers an Innovative Take on Pocket Watches

As part of an exciting collaboration with acclaimed contemporary artist Daniel Arsham, Hublot has released a pocket watch that marries old-world charm with futuristic materials and techniques. Daniel Arsham is a New York-based artist whose work spans fine art, architecture, performance, and film. Arsham’s sought-after works are often a medley of the past, present and future, exhibiting the malleability and power of nostalgia through references to moments of the late 20th century. 

Hublot X Daniel Arsham: The Arsham Droplet

In keeping with its innovative spirit, Hublot’s partnership with the artist has resulted in the Arsham Droplet. The timepiece represents an incredible piece of art that can be enjoyed in three different ways: as a pocket watch, as a pendant or as an eye-catching table clock. 

Daniel Arsham is known for his exceptional style of transforming everyday objects into "future relics”. With this collaboration, Hublot and Arsham have created a captivating fusion of past, present, and future. The Arsham Droplet is a result of Hublot's technical prowess and Arsham's unique artistic vision. Drawing inspiration from organic, fluid forms found in nature, the Arsham Droplet is a testament to the shared commitment of both Hublot and Arsham to challenging the status quo. 

Daniel Arsham (right) visits the Hublot manufacture with CEO Ricardo Guadalupe (left)

The timepiece is crafted from titanium, rubber, and sapphire crystal. The design is ergonomic and tactile; the piece ensures a perfect fit with its 73.2 mm (length) x 52.6 mm (width) x 22.5 mm (thickness) dimensions. At its core lies Hublot's renowned Meca-10 manufacture movement, boasting an impressive 10-day power reserve. The timepiece can go on for extended periods without the need for frequent winding. 

The Arsham Droplet is crafted from titanium, rubber, and sapphire crystal.

The droplet shape of course adds to the appeal of the timepiece. The organic design is complemented by a titanium case and rubber bumpers, echoing a bold departure from traditional watchmaking norms. What’s more, the timepiece is paired with two titanium chains, each featuring Hublot’s patented double "one-click" system for seamless attachment. It can be worn in multiple ways, like a necklace or a pocket watch, or can be showcased as a sculptural centerpiece on its decorative titanium and mineral glass table stand. With an openwork titanium case that resembles lace woven into a droplet pattern, this watch features a sandwich construction with two teardrop-shaped crystals. The artist's monogram is stamped into the surface of the side bumpers, made of custom Arsham green rubber. 

The Arsham Droplet is limited to just 99 pieces.

The case is also endowed with a double sealing system with no less than 17 O-ring seals, ingeniously placed to guarantee perfect sealing. Retaining Hublot's iconic design elements, including the brand's signature six H-shaped screws, the timepiece makes a remarkable first impression. The Arsham Droplet offers a water resistance of 30 metres, ensuring durability and reliability in any setting. 

All in all, limited to just 99 pieces, the Arsham Droplet is a true collector's item.

Image credits: Hublot