The MoonSwatch Frenzy Continues with the New ‘Strawberry Moon’ Model

The new Swatch x Omega ‘Strawberry Moon’ timepiece boasts a Moonshine™ Gold hand. Overall, the watch will leave you spellbound
The MoonSwatch Frenzy Continues with the New ‘Strawberry Moon’ Model
July 5, 2023
The MoonSwatch Frenzy Continues with the New ‘Strawberry Moon’ Model

The MoonSwatch madness is far from over. For the full moon on July 3, Omega and Swatch released a new version of the coveted MoonSwatch timepiece. This Mission to the Moon iteration features a seconds hand crafted from Omega’s MoonshineTM Gold. It has a strawberry pattern, paying homage to the Strawberry Moon. 

Omega x Swatch: The New Strawberry Moon MoonSwatch

Moonshine™: Omega’s Moonlit Gold Alloy

Omega’s Moonshine™ Gold, created in 2019, draws inspiration from natural moonlight against a dark blue sky. It’s an exclusive yellow gold alloy ― its composition includes 75% 18 ct gold, 14.5% silver, about 9% copper, and 1% palladium. Last February, Swatch and Omega released the Mission to the Moon; the chronograph seconds hand, coated with Omega’s proprietary gold material, is its distinctive feature. The just-launched Strawberry Moon model marks the next chapter in the Mission to the Moon series. Needless to say, the strawberry pattern on the seconds hand lends a playful vibe to the watch.    

A certificate that comes with the MoonSwatch Mission To the Moon.

The Details

The grey BioCeramic case of the new watch is 42 mm wide and 13.25 mm thick, like the previous MoonSwatch Mission To the Moon models. The watch is powered by a quartz calibre. A certificate that comes with the watch states that the special seconds hand is produced exclusively once a month during full moon dates, which are known to have a magical effect on many things. The Moonshine hand for this model was produced when the Strawberry Moon appeared in June 2023. The watch will be available exclusively at Swatch boutiques. 

A close up of the grey BioCeramic case.