Time Avenue Brings HYT Watches to India

Swiss independent watchmaker HYT has made its foray into the Indian market with an exclusive partnership with the Mumbai-based retailer
Time Avenue Brings HYT Watches to India
May 9, 2024
Time Avenue Brings HYT Watches to India

Mumbai-based retailer Time Avenue has become the exclusive retail partner for HYT Watches, an independent Swiss watch brand celebrated for its patented mechanical-fluidic technology. 

HYT Watches made its debut just over a decade ago with a bold idea, introducing fluid mechanics into the time display of a mechanical watch. Essentially, this technology combines a mechanical movement with a retrograde time indication, wherein a fluorescent fluid circulates through a system of capillary tubes. The very young brand has remained faithful to its core values over the years. 

HYT watches on display at Time Avenue's flagship boutique

The brand’s groundbreaking approach has made it quite popular amongst discerning watch collectors, and now the brand makes its foray into the Indian market with Time Avenue. The Mumbai-based retailer, helmed by Viraal Rajan, has been a prominent supporter of independent watchmakers. Along with prestigious brands like Breguet, TAG Heuer, Omega, and Chopard, Time Avenue is now the sole retailer for several independent brands, including Konstantin Chaykin, L’Epée 1839, and Purnell. This partnership with HYT now adds an even more diverse edge to the retailer’s portfolio. 

Left to right: Viraal Rajan, Director of Time Avenue; Vahe Vartzbed, General Manager, HYT; Nikki Rajan

Vahe Vartzbed, General Manager, HYT, told GMT India that the brand was keen on this kind of partnership in India. He said, “The first thing we were looking for was a point of sale that understands independent brands. We’ve shared a good relation with Viraal (Rajan) for more than 15 years and we've discussed the launch of HYT watches in India. And since we have only a limited production capacity, we wanted to have only one location in India and Time Avenue was the best location to promote watches.” 

Luxury influencer Rizwan Bachav with Viraal Rajan

Vartzbed also talked about how the Indian collectors’ tastes had evolved and how independent brands like HYT can cater to watch connoisseurs of India. “We believe that the Indian market has reached a certain level of maturity for the more established brands and some discerning collectors are looking for something new and this is where we come into the picture,” he explained. “Collectors who have acquired a number of prestige brands are now looking for something unique and innovative, which is what HYT stands for,” he added.

HYT’s unique, avant-garde design is one of its USPs, but the brand is leaning towards a more classic, sleeker look with its latest T1 series. On the new, compact design, Vartzbed said that it’s a sign of maturity for the brand after 12 years in the industry. He shared, “The minimalist design offers something new to our audience as well as taps into the audience that prefers minimalistic dials. We’ve also expanded into precious materials like gold, which the Indian market seems to have a preference for.” 

Brands like HYT entering the market is a testament to the growth potential of India’s luxury watch landscape. Collectors can explore the stunning timepieces from HYT at Time Avenue’s flagship store located in Mumbai’s Turner Road.