W&W 2024: Louis Moinet Journeys Across the World in Eight Days

From Paris to New York, the eight unique timepieces are a celebration of métiers d’art and extraordinary materials
W&W 2024: Louis Moinet Journeys Across the World in Eight Days
April 11, 2024
W&W 2024: Louis Moinet Journeys Across the World in Eight Days

Creating one-of-a-kind horological works of art is a realm Louis Moinet is familiar with. So, it comes as no surprise that the brand unveiled a magnificent collection of timepieces at Watches and Wonders 2024 that celebrates métiers d’art and extraordinary materials. Each of the eight models represents a city that made an impression on Louis Moinet founder and creative director Jean-Marie Schaller during his travels. A contemporary reinterpretation of the iconic odyssey imagined by Jules Verne, the Around the World in 8 Days collection merges art and watchmaking in equal measure. GMT India delves deeper into the models.

Day 1 - Paris

The Eiffel Tower takes centre stage on the jigsaw puzzle dial

The Eiffel Tower is, of course, synonymous with the City of Light. This model spotlights the icon by allowing it to take centre stage on the jigsaw puzzle dial. Made up of 81 interlocking pieces and reproducing the map of Paris, this serves as the backdrop for the Eiffel Tower, which is sculpted by hand from a fragment of an original beam that dates back to 1889, the year the Tower was built.

The Eiffel Tower was hand-sculpted from an original beam from 1889

Day 2 - Abu Dhabi

The rock crystal base of the mosque allows the details to pop out

The architectural grandeur of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque forms the heart of this model. Meticulously hand-painted on a rock crystal base, the details of the mosque shine through; the finesse showcased in the miniature painting highlights Louis Moinet’s commitment to paying attention to the minutest details. The clear blue sky and crescent moon form the ideal backdrop on the dial, making the mosque’s grand beauty stand out.

The meticulous hand-painting brings out the grandeur of the mosque

Day 3 - Bangkok

The bird's eye view reveals the attention paid to all the little nuances on the dial

Bangkok’s bustling floating markets served as the inspiration for this reference. The dial depicts a bird’s eye view of the markets: handmade boats laden with fruits, flowers and other colourful produce, a top-view of sellers’ straw hats and water lilies floating about the periphery. The precision with which each detail has been produced serves as a reminder of Louis Moinet’s dedication to horological finesse.

Day 4 - Kuala Lumpur

The silver-crafted Petronas Towers are beautifully offset against the microelectronic circuits

The Petronas Towers have defined the skyline of Kuala Lumpur for decades now. So, it was only fitting that they serve as the heart of this reference. Crafted from silver, the towers are positioned atop a silicon dial engraved with microelectronic circuits, a nod to the significant role that technology plays in shaping the spirit of the city. 

Day 5 - Singapore

A stunning tribute to Singapore, this model makes expert use of straw marquetry

Immediately evoking a sense of liveliness, this reference pays homage to Singapore’s unique modern-yet-ancient essence. It uses straw marquetry to bring to life the city’s iconic buildings—such as the Marina Bay complex that dominates the tableau—and other instantly-identifiable hallmarks of the city like the famous Merlion and the giant Ferris Wheel.

Day 6 - Tokyo

Made with metallic paper, the origami crane pays a stunning ode to Japanese culture

The origami crane at the centre of this timepiece, created from metallic paper, steals the show. Set against a starry-spangled aventurine backdrop, the crane shares space with Mount Fuji and delicately hand-painted cherry blossoms, all of which function as stunning symbols of the spirit of Tokyo and Japanese culture that remains rooted in tradition while embracing all things modern.

Day 7 - San Francisco

This model draws inspiration from Silicon Valley and the Golden Gate Bridge

The ingenious dial design of this piece draws inspiration from a silicon wafer etched with microelectronic circuits, a veritable ode to Silicon Valley itself. The Golden Gate Bridge, an enduring symbol of the city, is carefully sculpted and hand-painted onto this backdrop, the hue standing out against the high-tech pattern, serving as a symbol for the city’s dynamic spirit.

The Golden Gate Bridge is sculpted and hand-painted with the utmost precision

Day 8 - New York

The holographic effect on the dial aptly potrays the dynamic spirit of New York

The last destination on this eight-day journey, this timepiece brings to life the essence of the city that never sleeps by making use of a holographic film on a sapphire crystal base. Depending on the viewing angle, the skyscrapers change colours; this acts as a befitting backdrop for the imposing Statue of Liberty, which is precisely engraved and hand-painted. 

The trunk bears a stencilled fleur-de-lys monogram on the outer surface, in honour of the brand's heritage and history

All eight models, sized at 40.7mm, are run by Caliber LM135 that guarantees a 96-hour power reserve. The creations are contained within a luxurious, leather-covered wooden trunk whose outer surface features a stencilled fleur-de-lys monogram recalling the heritage and history of Louis Moinet.

Image credits: Louis Moinet