A Star-Studded Affair: Jacob & Co. Showcases its Classic Timepieces with Ethos Watches in New Delhi

Delhi-based retailer Ethos Watches collaborated with Jacob & Co. to bring the famous jeweller and watchmaker to India and showcase some of its finest timepieces
A Star-Studded Affair: Jacob & Co. Showcases its Classic Timepieces with Ethos Watches in New Delhi
November 9, 2023
A Star-Studded Affair: Jacob & Co. Showcases its Classic Timepieces with Ethos Watches in New Delhi

Keeping up with the watch industry can be overwhelming, with exciting news getting pumped out almost every week. If you want to keep pace with the latest trends, there is probably no better way than monitoring top watch collector events in the world and following their respective social media accounts. Last evening, famous jeweller and watchmaker Jacob & Co., in partnership with Delhi-based retailer Ethos Watches, showcased some of its finest timepieces at The Chanakya, New Delhi. 

Jacob&Co. Billionaire

Jacob Arabo, Founder and Chairman, Jacob & Co., came to the US from the former USSR because his family wanted a better life. Arabo began his journey in the world of fine jewellery and timepieces as an apprentice with a watchmaker that first summer in America, which was where he fell in love with watches. In 1986, Arabo launched his own luxury label, Jacob & Co. It is always about that one moment that can make or break an individual. A photo of supermodel Naomi Campbell with the Five Timezone watch put his company on the world map for watches. This was the first watch that he created; it had a quartz movement with a five-timezone complication. 

Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon

The luxurious watch market in India continues to flourish, drawing attention from a substantial community of affluent collectors who are extremely passionate about horology. For collectors of exquisite timepieces, the jewellery-cum-watchmaker stands for grandeur and elegance. The Delhi exhibition displayed the Chrono X, Astronomia, Double Tourbillon Batman, Bugatti Chiron, and the famous Billionaire’s timepieces.

Caviar Tourbillon Baguette Emeralds

Beyond the visual splendour of timepieces, Ethos Watches offered attendees a unique opportunity to interact with Pranav Saboo, CEO, Ethos Watches. Renowned collectors and horology enthusiasts delved into the fascinating realm of watchmaking, unravelling the painstaking craftsmanship behind the exorbitant price tags. Revellers bonded over a special cocktail menu featuring some fantastic Indian-made alcohol options, while teetotallers enjoyed cool mocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

Gotham City Black DLC Titanium

Renowned automobile maker Bugatti and The Godfather films are both iconic in their own way. So, Ethos Watches made an offer we couldn’t refuse — all attendees switched on the powerful W16 engine and saw in person the movement of all the 16 pistons or the animation while the Godfather theme music played in the background. Another timepiece that deserves special mention is the Billionaire’s watch that takes a full year to get created. This watch has often been spotted on the wrist of internationally known DJ Khalid.

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