All You Need to Know about the New Roger Dubuis X Dr. Woo Monobalancier

Roger Dubuis has once again collaborated with celebrated tattoo artist Dr. Woo to create a 28-piece, limited-edition collection
All You Need to Know about the New Roger Dubuis X Dr. Woo Monobalancier
June 7, 2023
All You Need to Know about the New Roger Dubuis X Dr. Woo Monobalancier

Designing a tattoo is a form of art. Great art, be it in the realm of tattoos or watches, doesn’t happen overnight; it takes dedication, perseverance and sacrifice. To create a masterpiece, an artist needs to push the boundaries and think beyond what is regarded as conventional. In other words, you need extraordinary artistic endeavour. And that’s exactly the kind of effort that has been made to create the latest Roger Dubuis Excalibur Dr. Woo Monobalancier (Ref. RDDBEX1041). The luxury watch brand has once again collaborated with tattoo artist Dr. Woo to put forth this 28-piece, limited-edition ‘dark knight’.

Space travel is a miracle caused by another meeting of stars. Roger Dubuis and Dr. Wu’s endless journey through the design universe.

If you are a fan of time travel and Dr. Strange, then you’d know the Time Stone, one of the six Infinity Stones, representing the element of time. This stone rested inside the Eye of Agamotto until Dr. Strange took possession of it. After its first collaboration with Dr. Woo for its 42 mm eight-piece Excalibur tourbillon, which was crafted from an 18ct EON GOLD alloy, Roger Dubuis has come up with a watch that transports you to the world of Dr Strange and time travel. 

A cosmic, limitless inspiration that transcends the world, creating a bold creation from two traditional crafts.

The new Roger Dubuis X Dr. Woo watch comes in a 42 mm black ceramic case with the crown and the bezel crafted from the same material. The watch uses a  laser-etched rotating sun on a PVD black brass plate, covering the movement’s micro rotor at 10:30 on the dial. The earth has been depicted at 4:30; it covers the exposed barrel where the disc turns every 6 hours and 40 minutes. The moon is a slender crescent at 8 o’clock, in fine circles and lines, above the pulsing balance wheel.

Through craftsmanship, performance and bold innovation, Roger Dubuis has always sought to introduce a new contemporary era of watchmaking, subverting traditional watchmaking conventions with his invented Hyperhorology™.

On the dial, you can spot a mini space shuttle at 9 o’clock in pink gold. The bezel gets black double-surface flange with engraved symbols while the outer periphery of the dial gets symbols and hour markers in polished pink gold and rhodium with SLN. The signature Roger Dubuis star now comes with a pink gold coating. The triple surface hands are crafted from pink gold with satin brushed finishing on the tilted surfaces and shot-blasted finish on the flat grey surface.

This theme is also repeated on the case back, where the Sun, Earth and Moon are engraved with Dr Wu’s own name. This time, the spider is back, engraved in jet black on the sapphire disc inside the watch, located on the flange.

Powering the watch is the automatic, self winding Calibre RD720SQ movement with  72 hours of power reserve. The power reserve has increased due to an improved geartrain toothing and escapement optimisation through its geometry. The movement is shot-blasted while the main plate and the bridges get coated through Naphthenic Acid Corrosion (NAC), a non-aqueous corrosion process caused by naphthenic acids. Turning the watch over reveals the titanium DLC open caseback with sapphire crystal, featuring symbols of space and time travel. You can see the engraving of ‘Dr. Woo’ as well. Roger Dubuis X Dr. Woo Monobalancier is finished on a black 3D calf leather strap, engraved with Dr. Woo's language symbols, representing human connections. The watch also gets a black DLC triple folding buckle with a Quick Release system.

Image Credits: Roger Dubuis