Arnold & Son Wins Hearts with Double and Ultrathin Tourbillons at Watches and Wonders 2023

The brand’s latest offerings, Double Tourbillon White Gold and Ultrathin Tourbillon Gold, are horological triumphs in every sense
Arnold & Son Wins Hearts with Double and Ultrathin Tourbillons at Watches and Wonders 2023
March 30, 2023
Arnold & Son Wins Hearts with Double and Ultrathin Tourbillons at Watches and Wonders 2023

Renowned watch brand Arnold & Son has been consistently producing some of the most exquisite timepieces available in the market. Based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, Arnold & Son has become synonymous with classic timepieces that have redefined luxury. At Watches and Wonders 2023, the watchmaker showcased its latest masterpieces to rapturous acclaim.

While these timepieces may not be readily available to the public yet, GMT India brings to you a sneak peek of the latest collection.

The Double Tourbillon White Gold Watch

The Double Tourbillon White Gold Watch in malachite

In watchmaking parlance, the double tourbillon is a rare and remarkable construction. And the Double Tourbillon White Gold, launched at Watches and Wonders 2023, is a testament to the intersection of aesthetics, history and horology. It reflects the foundational principles of British watchmaker and inventor John Arnold's work, namely chronometry and world time, both of which were critical to the production of marine chronometers that sought to establish reliable and accurate means of time measurement during long journeys.

The Double Tourbillon White Gold, encased in 18 ct white gold and measuring 37.30 mm, features a dual display of local and remote time, each presented in Roman and Arabic numerals, respectively. The hours and minutes of these displays are independent, allowing for the display of two different time zones or the measurement of a long event's duration.

The Double Tourbillon White Gold Watch in blue aventurine glass

Stone of the Sky, Stone of the Earth

Double Tourbillon White Gold offers two spectacular variations in malachite (1DTAW.Z03A.C188W) and blue aventurine (1DTAW.Z02A.C183W). Each model showcases the minerals it draws inspiration from. Malachite's vibrant green evokes a terrestrial and botanical atmosphere while aventurine's darkest blue, sprinkled with stars, sparkles with life. The white opal off-centre hour dials provide a soft contrast, contributing to the narrative density of the timepiece. These one-of-a-kind pieces harness the beauty of stone and glass, reflecting the duality of its double tourbillon and paying homage to the brand's heritage of marine chronometers that observed stars to tell local time and reference points.


The twin tourbillons of the watch are a sight to behold. Crafted in white gold with a cantilevered skeleton configuration, they are attached to three-dimensional bridges. The watch's A&S8513 calibre boasts two barrels and crowns, enabling a precise display of two distinct time zones to the minute, including those offset by 15, 30 or 45 minutes. The watch's sapphire crystal is designed to accommodate the contours of the tourbillons, providing a clear and unobstructed view of the intricate workings beneath.


The movement's structure has been expertly finished, with Côtes de Genève stripes on the bridges, circular graining on the wheels and polished gold chatons. The 90-hour power reserve of the A&S8513 calibre attests to its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, exemplified by the hand-chamfering, satin-finishing and mirror-polishing of the tourbillon bridges. The watch is accompanied by a hand-stitched alligator leather strap, available in either green with black alligator leather lining or in blue with purple alligator leather lining.

Double Tourbillon White Gold Watch back

The Ultrathin Tourbillon Gold Watch

Unveiled at Watches and Wonders 2023, the Ultrathin Tourbillon Gold redefines elegance with its minimalist design. At a mere 32 mm, it boasts one of the slimmest tourbillons in existence. 

The Vast Dial

The dial, with its wide opening, has been crafted with unprecedented refinement, showcasing two apertures. The hours dial and A&S8300 calibre are displayed in the vast expanse of the dial, finished with a silver-toned opaline sheen. The off-centre hours dial is made of genuine white opal, further emphasising the hypnotic workings of the ultra-thin flying tourbillon. Encased in slim 5N red gold, the Ultrathin Tourbillon Gold features a bassiné design, with repeating round lines creating a gentle yet rigorous symmetry. This design highlights the tourbillon carriage, allowing it to shine as the signature feature of this iconic Arnold & Son masterpiece.

The Ultrathin Tourbillon Gold Watch


Measuring 2.97 mm in thickness, the highest point of the A&S8300 calibre is situated atop its tourbillon carriage. The variable-inertia balance ensures stable calibration over time. The redesigned carriage, resembling a sextant with a double-arrow counterpoise evoking an anchor, pays homage to John Arnold's maritime contributions. The middle point serves as a seconds marker, as the carriage completes a full rotation in one minute. 

Ultrathin Tourbillon Gold back

Inspired by Arnold's pocket watches, the tourbillon bridge is hand-engraved and visible through the main plate aperture. Crafted in 3N yellow gold, it contrasts beautifully with the rest of the calibre while blending seamlessly with the gear train. With modifications to its regulating organ, A&S8300 boasts an impressive 100-hour power reserve that meets Arnold & Son's exceptional standards. The watch is completed with a hand-stitched blue alligator leather strap with black alligator leather lining and a titanium folding clasp.

Image Credits: Arnold & Son