Enduring Legacy: Presenting The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone Watch from Jacob & Co.

The new watch is a heartfelt masterpiece; it pays tribute to a special family heirloom that symbolises Nison Arabo’s love for his son, Jacob Arabo
Enduring Legacy: Presenting The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone Watch from Jacob & Co.
August 23, 2023
Enduring Legacy: Presenting The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone Watch from Jacob & Co.

Every Jacob & Co. piece is deeply personal, arising from profound emotions and narratives. The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone, a limited edition of 999, pays homage to the Arabo family heirloom that sparked Jacob Arabo's watchmaking passion. With its roots in a dual time zone watch, gifted to him by his father at the age of 13, the timepiece showcases the foundation of Jacob & Co.’s legacy.

A Family Heirloom 

Needless to say, the gift symbolised a father's love for his son. Over the past 45 years, three generations of Arabo men, originally hailing from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, are united by this heirloom.

Three generations united by a common legacy, an extremely special timepiece that represents the world, as if saying, “Go, my son! Go conquer it!”

The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone features a wind rose small seconds display, embodying a true north direction. The design includes two subdials, flanked by engravings, depicting Europe and the Americas. This arrangement mirrors the two time zone complexity of the watch Jacob Arabo received, a rarity at that time, especially with a world map dial – an unconventional choice, particularly with regard to depicting the West within the erstwhile USSR. This was significant for the Arabo family as  the design conveyed their private aspirations and secret dreams of venturing into the West. Their journey eventually led them to the US. When Nison Arabo gifted this watch to his son, Jacob, it served as a reminder that the world held boundless opportunities.

The watch, bearing the once-famous Wakmann brand name, continues to inspire Jacob & Co.'s creations, embodying more than craftsmanship – it represents values, love, and the drive to succeed.

Photograph of Jacob, aged 13, with his father and the watch, bearing the once-famous Wakmann brand name, continues to inspire Jacob & Co.'s creations

The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone

The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone introduces the inaugural timepiece of The World Is Yours collection. It features a dual time zone complication, the first of its kind for Jacob & Co., showcased through two subdials. Housed in a 43 mm rose gold  case, the watch is characterised by elegant curves. The stepped and rounded bezel, paired with a thin profile, maximises the dial's expanse. The impressive dome of the sapphire crystal mirrors Earth's curvature, with a remarkable height difference of 3.7 mm across the dial. The gracefully curved hands mirror this while the crown, polished and discreet, is seamlessly integrated into the case outline.

The watch comes with a blue alligator leather strap with an 18 ct rose gold pin buckle

Coming to the dial, it is stamped in rose gold relief, with three continents on each side of the Atlantic coming to life (Northern, Central and Southern America to the west, Africa, Europe, and the western-most parts of Asia to the east, including the Arabian Peninsula). Detailed design of mountains and depressions, heightened by the dial's curvature, create a realistic effect. The dial, encapsulating the entire globe, resembles Earth viewed from space. The 18 ct rose gold caseback is engraved, portraying the world, from Europe to Japan, Africa to Asia, concealed against the skin, exclusively for the wearer.

The dial, a curved brass plate, displays precise continent outlines, thanks to laser etching. A purpose-built mould imprints surface details. Galvanic treatment coats the piece in rose gold while hand-applied lacquer ensures blue oceans. Gold-stamped Roman and Arabic numerals and minute tracks rest atop the blue lacquer. With these elements, The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone merges technical mastery and aesthetics with emotions.

Powering the Orbit

The new Jacob & Co. JCAA11 exclusive calibre powers The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone watch. This timepiece features two vertically aligned time zones, with hours and minutes, accompanied by small seconds. Using the crown, each time zone can be precisely set, down to the minute. This unique feature is indispensable, particularly for regions like India with unconventional UTC time offsets. For instance, Indian Standard Time refers to UTC + 05:30, serving 1.3 billion residents.

The small seconds hand, styled as a rose wind with four main arms, includes a red pointer. Symbolising navigation, like a compass, the hand stands for the profound guidance, provided by Nison Arabo. Positioned at the domed dial's highest point, it serves as a focal point. The power reserve stands at 42 hours and the watch is water-resistant for up to 30 metres.

Image Credits: Jacob and Co.