MB&F, Emmanuel Tarpin Create New Legacy Machine FlyingT Timepieces

Winter approaches with the launch of MB&F’s Legacy Machine FlyingT Ice and Blizzard models. For these, the brand collaborated with Emmanuel Tarpin.
MB&F, Emmanuel Tarpin Create New Legacy Machine FlyingT Timepieces
November 24, 2022
MB&F, Emmanuel Tarpin Create New Legacy Machine FlyingT Timepieces

It is a dream for most artists to be recognised globally and that too at a very young age. Independent jewellery designer Emmanuel Tarpin seems to be living a dream most of us can only aspire to. 

Having worked at Van Cleef & Arpels’ high jewellery ateliers in Paris for over three years, the ace designer has put forth creations that have been sported by prominent A-listers, including Rihanna and Mandy Moore. The jewellery designer has a website but works behind closed doors, only through private appointments. 

After successfully unveiling its golden Tiger’s Eye dial plate and a yellow gold case, the timepiece maker has launched two new limited-edition Legacy Machine FlyingT models, ‘Ice’ and ‘Blizzard’, in collaboration with Tarpin. There are eight pieces each in 18 ct white gold with fully diamond-set cases and blue matte lapis lazuli dial plates.

Growing up in the French Alps, Tarpin enjoyed skiing and that has been the key inspiration to these creations.

Right from its inception, the FlyingT series has been regarded as a tribute to femininity, with the ‘T’ in FlyingT standing for the first letter of Tiffany, Max Büsser’s wife, as well as for flying tourbillon. What sets this series apart is its movement — it is designed in such a way that only its owner can see the time. 

MB&F is known for its highly technical timepieces that take ‘time viewing’ to a whole new dimension.

Legacy Machine FlyingT: Ice

"Ice" features asymmetrical, jagged diamond-set stalagmites that encroach on the sapphire crystal dome, suspended from the rough-cut lapis lazuli dial plate.

The first model, Ice, features asymmetrical, diamond-set stalagmites that encroach on the sapphire crystal dome and the movement. Each icy stalagmite is different, replicating the randomness of Nature. The claws of the diamond stalagmites have not quite claimed the movement and the matte lapis lazuli dial, leaving the beauty of the mechanism and the time visible to all.

Legacy Machine FlyingT: Blizzard

For the second model, named Blizzard, Tarpin has carved memories of being caught in blizzards into the LM FlyingT with brilliant-cut diamonds, set under the sapphire crystal dome, and closed-set diamonds, adorning the matte lapis lazuli dial, depicting snowflakes on the ground. The result: A snow globe in motion.

"Blizzard" features brilliant-cut diamonds set under the sapphire crystal dome and closed-set diamonds set into the matt lapis lazuli dial.

Between the regulating organ and the rotor, the barrel ensures a generous 100-hour power reserve made possible by the reduction in the number of gears. A sapphire crystal dome tops this three-dimensional assembly, beneath which one can admire the organic life of the movement. 

The 39 mm limited-edition watch comes in an 18 ct white gold case, set with diamonds with a high domed sapphire crystal glass sporting a central, flying 60-second tourbillon. The time-viewing dial is displayed on a 50° vertically tilted dial with two serpentine hands, set with two crowns at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, to wind the mechanism and set the time respectively.

The 280-component engines of these Legacy Machine Flying Ts have a power reserve of four days (100 hours), which is among the highest within MB&F.

Turning the watch reveals the three-dimensional, sun-shaped winding rotor in 18 ct 5N+ red gold, titanium and platinum. 

The watches sit on alligator leather straps with white gold paved pin buckles, matching the cases. Both offer water resistance of up to 30 metres. 

All in all, both models are spectacular creations, bearing testimony to the fact that creative collaborations in the world of luxe watches can work wonders.

Image Credits: MB&F