Offset Quartet: Armin Strom Reveals Tribute 1 with Four New Fumé Dials at DWW 2023

Armin Strom's iconic Tribute 1 collection receives a chromatic twist with four new fumé dial colours. Each watch is limited to 10 pieces
Offset Quartet: Armin Strom Reveals Tribute 1 with Four New Fumé Dials at DWW 2023
November 20, 2023
Offset Quartet: Armin Strom Reveals Tribute 1 with Four New Fumé Dials at DWW 2023

An offset dial refers to the placement of the watch dial (the face of the watch) in an unconventional position on the timepiece. Traditionally, watch dials take a central position, but in some designs, dials can be intentionally positioned off-centre. This can create a unique and distinctive look for a watch. Watchmakers may choose to offset a dial for aesthetic reasons or to accommodate additional complications or features on the watch. Combining these features, a watch could have an offset dial along with a crown that performs various functions, such as setting the time and date or managing other complications. At the ongoing Dubai Watch Week 2023, Armin Strom has unveiled four new Tribute 1 models with guilloché plates and distinguished by fumé dial colours — Burgundy (Ref. ST23-TRI.10.CS.M.35.FC), Sky (Ref. ST23-TRI.11.CS.M.35.FC), Ocean (Ref. ST23-TRI.75.CS.M.35.FC), and Slate (Ref.  ST23-TRI.05.CS.M.35.FC). Offset dials and crowns are common to all. 

Many modern watchmakers often opt for minimalistic designs while creating watch dials. This design philosophy is rooted in the principles of simplicity, elegance, and functionality. Such a setup features clean lines, uncluttered surfaces, and a focus on essential elements, such as hour markers and hands. Minimalist designs tend to be timeless and versatile. A minimalist timepiece is less likely to go out of fashion, making the watch a classic that can be worn in various settings. However, it's important to note that the definition of “minimal” can vary; different watchmakers may interpret it in different ways. Some may create dials with only the essential elements, while others may include subtle textures and colours.

Limited to 10 pieces each, the four Tribute 1 watches are Armin Strom’s versions of a dress watch and its own take on a three-hand watch. The 38 mm stainless steel watches are meant for all wrist sizes and come with offset crowns at 2 o’clock. The new Tribute 1 models feature offset time dials with rhodium-plated hour, minute, and second hands in four distinctive colours. The time-only dial gets a gradient effect, wherein the colour moves from “bright” at the centre to “darker” on the edges. The fumé effect is accentuated by anthracite guilloché plates, meticulously crafted by Kari Voutilainen’s atelier. 

The innovative motor barrel is held by an open finger-style bridge — another signature feature of the novelties. The arbour orbits the mainspring within the barrel, yielding an impressive 100-hour power reserve with just one super-efficient barrel. Needless to say, the above elements perfectly combine design, watchmaking, and craftsmanship. 

Inside every Armin Strom Tribute 1 timepiece is an in-house movement. The manual winding Caliber AMW21 has a regulating system, containing a flat hairspring with a variable-inertia balance wheel and a brass barrel bridge. A 100-hour power reserve is achieved from a single barrel. Turning each watch over showcases the stainless steel, sapphire crystal caseback with the movement. The caseback also shows the balance wheel with the open finger-style bridge and its balance cock. Armin Strom offers the new Tribute 1 fumé timepieces on grey alcantara calf leather straps, with folding clasps in stainless steel.

Image Credits: Armin Strom