Sevenfriday Reveals a New Bauhaus-Inspired timepiece

The brand’s latest novelty, T1/08, looks über-stylish with basic geometric shapes and pastel colours
Sevenfriday Reveals a New Bauhaus-Inspired timepiece
May 3, 2023
Sevenfriday Reveals a New Bauhaus-Inspired timepiece

The Bauhaus movement, founded by German architect Walter Gropius in 1919, has had a major impact on developments in art, architecture, graphic design, interior design, industrial design and typography. The world of horology has also been considerably influenced by the design principles of the movement, the chief objective of which was to reflect the unity of arts. Bauhaus-inspired watches are launched from time to time, catering to watch enthusiasts who have a keen eye for art and architecture. The latest timepiece to draw inspiration from Bauhaus is Sevenfriday’s T1/08, featuring simple geometric shapes with smooth and rounded corners.

The 45 mm stainless steel watch comes with four thin grooves and different pastel colours on the grid-patterned dial, over which a large white ring with Bauhaus numbers rotates clockwise to indicate time. The timepiece also comes with basic geometric shapes on the circumference, serving as references for hours and quarters.

The watch has bezel-grooved lines, refilled with red, yellow, white and blue Berlac lacquer. The dial has a three-layer construction with Galvanic rhodium cut-out plate, sporting grid and patterns, recalling the Bauhaus era, with matte printings in red, yellow and blue. There is an applied time-reading pointer at 12 o’clock. 

The dial ring can be found in two parts — the first ring layer is in circular brushed Galvanic rhodium, with relief printing of the Sevenfriday logo in white. The top plate is opaline white. Time is viewed via discs, especially with a large single-hour disc; every quarter-time is indicated on the external disc part.

Powering the watch is the automatic skeleton TMI-Seiko NH70 movement with a 40-hour power reserve. This is the same movement that can be found in T3/02 Runway 7, T1/01 Cocorico, T3/01 Engine, T2/02 Revolution and so on. The caseback has sandblasted finishings with Bauhaus-inspired special polycarbonate chip cover, allowing connection between a phone and the inlaid NFC chip through the brand’s app (iOS and Android), facilitating authentication and registration.

Finishing the watch is a metal bracelet with a double-clasp buckle, sporting the engraved 7F logo at the centre. With 30-metre water resistance, the watch shouldn’t be worn during vigorous water sports.The top of the new Sevenfriday watch is fitted with a hardened K1 mineral glass crystal.

Image Credits: Seven Friday