Sporty and Chic: Presenting the New Tissot T-Touch Connect

Designed for health-conscious watch enthusiasts, the new Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport prioritises function and efficiency
Sporty and Chic: Presenting the New Tissot T-Touch Connect
May 17, 2024
Sporty and Chic: Presenting the New Tissot T-Touch Connect

When it comes to innovation, and cutting-edge design and technology in the world of watchmaking, Tissot has always been at the forefront―the Swiss luxury watch brand’s T-Touch series, integrating touchscreen crystals for different functions, attests to this fact. Further expanding its smartwatch line (following the success of the T-Touch Connect Solar), the brand has just launched the all-new Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport. A unisex sports watch, the T-Touch Connect Sport is designed for individuals who love outdoor activities.

More than Just a Watch

The T-Touch Connect Sport is a fine-looking statement for an active lifestyle. Powered by quartz and recharged by the sun, it is designed to accompany you on every journey. Housed in an elegant 43mm case, this timepiece features a high-efficiency solar cell built into the dial, which captures light and provides months of energy efficiency. In other words, the T-Touch Connect Sport can keep ticking for days without the need for frequent recharging. 

That’s not all. Featuring tactile sapphire glass with an embedded AMOLED screen, the watch offers a multifunctional and interactive experience responding to touch or via side pushers.

It doesn’t compromise on looks either. With a choice of bezel and case colours and materials, including ceramic and titanium, the T-Touch Connect Sport seamlessly blends style and functionality, perfectly complementing one’s active lifestyle with a stunning finish.

Designed for health-conscious watch enthusiasts, the T-Touch Connect Sport prioritises function and efficiency. Trust the Connect Sport to track your workouts while ensuring that you do not miss your notifications. Over time, both the app and the watch will receive updates, enhancing features and ushering in new functionalities.

A closer look at the watch’s standout features:

  • No matter which activity you choose, view live stats, including your progress, distance covered, speed, heart rate, and calories spent.
  • Use graphs and trends to analyse your entire activity so that you can take a closer look at your journey and make informed decisions.
  • Get notified about incoming calls. There are active timers, alarms, and reminders on the go.
  • The watch's colourful display makes it more functional, adding a touch of energy to its sporty design.
  • The T-Touch Connect Sport offers unparalleled autonomy and compatibility with most of the iOS, Android, and Harmony devices.

The T-Touch Connect Sport is crafted from premium materials and offers cutting-edge technology, including a photovoltaic cell, which, combined with Super-LumiNova®, facilitates visibility even in low light conditions. What’s more, the watch comes with a lightweight titanium bracelet and a versatile silicon strap; easy interchangeability is ensured.

Needless to say, the Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport goes beyond the boundaries of a traditional timepiece. If you prefer an active lifestyle, this watch can be your ultimate companion.

Key features:

CASE - Titanium, black PVD or rose gold PVD case - Diameter: 43mm / Thickness: 12.8mm - water-resistant up to 5 bar (50 metres/165 feet) - Ceramic bezel

MOVEMENT - Swiss Autonomous Low Power System OS - “SwALPS” - Quartz-powered, solar recharge

DIAL - Sapphire crystal - Touchscreen & Photovoltaic cell - Super-LumiNova® - Sport & Well-being functionalities

BRACELET - Interchangeable quick release bracelet system - Titanium bracelet or silicon strap

Image credits: Tissot