The Latest NORQAIN NEVEREST Glacier Watches Are Designed to Drive Change

Ten percent of their sale proceeds will be donated to the Butterfly Help Project, dedicated to empowering underprivileged children in Nepal.
The Latest NORQAIN NEVEREST Glacier Watches Are Designed to Drive Change
August 9, 2023
The Latest NORQAIN NEVEREST Glacier Watches Are Designed to Drive Change

Since its inception, NORQAIN has integrated the art of mountain climbing into its watchmaking narrative. This is evident not only in the design of the logo, but also in the genesis of the NEVEREST collection. Encapsulating the splendour and enigma of the Himalayan mountains, NORQAIN's latest timepieces showcase a captivating dial design, drawing inspiration from the iconic NEVEREST Glacier, one of the brand's best-selling models. This Glacier motif made its debut in 2021.

NEVEREST glacier featuring unique golden glacier dial

Like their predecessors in the NEVEREST line, these watches will also have 10% of the proceeds from their sales donated to the Butterfly Help Project, a Nepal-based non-profit, backed by NORQAIN since 2021. Together, NORQAIN and the Butterfly Help Project have assisted 50 children in gaining access to good education.



This iteration showcases a remarkable interplay of grey and gold tones, complemented by satin and brushed finishes that embellish the case. Central to the watch's appeal is the anthracite dial, serving as its focal point.

316L stainless steel case body with Steel Bracelet

In alignment with this design, the NORQAIN logo, in a striking red gold colour, is in perfect harmony with the central hour, minute, seconds, and GMT hands, coated with white X1 Super-LumiNova (a material that has 60% higher luminosity, compared with the standard Super-LumiNova). This is further enhanced by their red gold plating. The moss grey ceramic bezel ring hosts a 24-hour scale, executed in red gold, enabling seamless GMT functionality. This same scale is integrated into the outer ring of the dial, presenting day time hours in white and demarcating night time hours in black.

Distinguished by its secure screw-down crown and finely grooved bidirectional rotating bezel, this model is ready for outdoor ventures. Boasting a water resistance of up to 100 metres, this timepiece is finished on an integrated stainless steel bracelet (Ref. NN1100SC3CG/G113/150SSG), priced around INR 399,000*, offering a swift 9-mm micro-adjustment feature, or alternatively, on a black animal cruelty-free rubber strap (Ref. NN1100SC3CG/G113/15BR.18S), priced around INR 368,000*.

Personalised bridge with NORQAIN core values: “Adventure – Freedom – Independence”

Beneath the surface, the NEVEREST GMT Glacier houses the COSC-Certified NORQAIN Manufacture Calibre NN20/2, a movement, feted for its precision and reliability. This mechanism guarantees a robust 70-hour power reserve, built to withstand weekend activities. The inclusion of a jumping hour feature facilitates precise timekeeping across two distinct time zones. The movement’s sturdy construction is also noteworthy, featuring a traversing bridge, firmly anchored by a dual-point fixation system, ensuring timekeeping precision even in the middle of dynamic pursuits.


This timepiece also features a visually captivating "cracked" dial. However, this particular iteration distinguishes itself with a black dial, sporting golden crevasses, drawing inspiration from the jagged formations of the Khumbu Icefall — an infamously treacherous phase of the ascent to Mount Everest's summit. The central hour, minute, and seconds hands have red gold plating and are coated with white X1 Super-LumiNova. 

Equipped with NORQAIN’s Manufacture Calibre NN20/1, which is visible through the sapphire glass case back

Adorning the outer circumference of the timepiece, the black ceramic bezel ring showcases a red gold scale and a Super-LumiNova marker, thoughtfully positioned at the 12 o'clock mark. A distinctive knurled pattern on the edge of the unidirectional rotating bezel enhances its ease of use and manipulation. Simultaneously, the secure screw-down crown, encased within a protective housing, not only augments the watch's sturdiness but also imparts a pronounced sporty elegance to its design.

Through the transparent caseback, the COSC-certified NORQAIN Manufacture Calibre NN20/1 takes centre stage, revealing its exceptional precision and meticulous engineering. This calibre delivers an impressive 70-hour power reserve and features a personalised bridge. 

With water resistance of 200 metres, the watch is accompanied by an integrated stainless steel bracelet (Ref. NN1001SC1CA/BG103/150SS), priced around INR 371,000*, complete with a user-friendly 9-mm quick micro-adjustment feature. Alternatively, you can opt for a black animal cruelty-free rubber strap (Ref. NN1001SC1CA/BG103/15BR.18S), priced around INR 340,000*. 

Transformative Endeavours in Nepal

NORQAIN has been supporting the Butterfly Help Project, a non-profit in Nepal, since 2021. Co-founded by Norbu Sherpa and Andrea Sherpa-Zimmermann, associated with Wild Yak Expeditions, the initiative combines Andrea's Swiss background with Norbu's mountaineering feats, including the conquest of seven Everest summits and the title of Sirdar. Their collaboration began during Andrea's 2011 Cho Oyu expedition, led by Norbu. After establishing Wild Yak Expeditions in 2014 and marrying in 2015, they achieved a joint Mount Everest ascent.

Their dedication extends beyond mountaineering dreams, encompassing a commitment to uplift underprivileged children in Nepal through the Butterfly Help Project. NORQAIN's support resonates with this shared mission, reflecting Norbu and Andrea's drive to create meaningful societal impact. In a statement, Andrea and Norbu say, “The donations through NORQAIN’s NEVEREST collection make it possible for us to not only change lives but also empower children to achieve greatness.”

The beneficiaries of the Butterfly Help Project's efforts often comprise orphans, whose parents were engaged in guiding climbers through the treacherous Himalayan terrain — the primary employment opportunity available to locals in the region. 

In response to the 2015 earthquake that ravaged the region, resulting in destruction of schools, the Butterfly Help Project built three new schools in southern Nepal. Embracing a strong sense of social responsibility, the independent Swiss watch brand formalised its partnership with the Butterfly Help Project in 2021, coinciding with the launch of the inaugural NEVEREST watch collection. This collaborative effort has seen NORQAIN's dedicated support extending to 50 children in Nepal, facilitating their access to education and ensuring their safety by building a hostel, adjacent to their schools. 

This initiative has been possible because of the contribution of 10% of the proceeds from the sales of NEVEREST timepieces. In May this year, a team from NORQAIN visited the school and the hostel site located in a remote village in southern Nepal. They met Andrea, Norbu, their team, and the students. As the current hostel approaches full capacity, plans are already underway to construct a second accommodation facility in close proximity to the school. 

10% of earnings from the sales of NEVEREST models will be donated to the
Butterfly Help Project

“Looking at these watches, I feel a huge sense of pride – not only because of their symbolic design and the creative innovation behind the dial, but also because of the positive impact they enable,” says NORQAIN Founder and CEO Ben Küffer. “The work that the Butterfly Help Project does is immensely important, and Andrea and Norbu do it with such compassion. To have played a part in helping these children in Nepal access education continues to be rewarding with every story we hear and every picture we see.”

*Prices in India are subject to taxes and exchange rate fluctuations, and may vary accordingly.

Image Credits: NORQAIN