Urwerk’s New UR-120 Watch Is a Dark Knight on Your Wrist

The new time-viewing mechanism with its ‘Vulcan salute’ is yet another technological marvel from the independent watch brand
Urwerk’s New UR-120 Watch Is a Dark Knight on Your Wrist
June 28, 2023
Urwerk’s New UR-120 Watch Is a Dark Knight on Your Wrist

Right from its inception, independent watchmaker Urwerk has made its mark on mainstream horology with timepieces that are exceptionally innovative. With each offering, the brand has made time-viewing a unique experience in itself.  The new UR-120 ‘Space Black’ timepiece, displaying a whole new sinister canvas, is no exception. 

The brand’s design language is so unapologetically space-age and modern that it’s impossible not to be intrigued by its timepieces, even if it’s simply because they look so incredibly different from conventional wristwatches.

If you are a Dark Knight fan, this timepiece will definitely transport  you to Gotham City with its dark aesthetics. You can say this watch is “Not Our Hero. It’s a Silent Guardian, A Watchful Protector, A Dark Knight”. Like Batman, UR-120 is endowed with amazing capabilities.The timepiece maker has used its signature wandering hours complication for the new creation. So, how does it work? The timepiece, based on the UR-120 AKA SPOCK watch that Urwerk released earlier this year, has three orbiting satellites that track the hours with an arc-shaped minutes scale on the right hand side of the dial under a curved sapphire crystal. 

The gilded lyre-shaped spring facilitates the splitting and merging of each cube.

Like other novelties, carrying the wandering hours mechanism, the central rotating mechanism holds three satellites with the Urwerk logo on the left side of the dial. Each of these three holds four of the 12 hours of the day. Each satellite consists of two individual blocks rather than a single block and these rotate independently. These two blocks split and come together making a ‘V’ shape (like the Vulcan salute popularised by the sci-fi series, Star Trek) to create the necessary numeral for the hour marker. The time on the watch can be adjusted both forward and backward. After the watch has reached the 12th hour, the next destination is 1 o’clock. While other minute markers are denoted in white and yellow, the 60th marker is denoted in red. The 44 mm watch comes in a titanium case.

Like other self-winding Urwerk calibers, the automatic winding system incorporates the brand’s Windfänger mechanism, which is the star-shaped component seen through the window in the caseback responsible for regulating the intensity of the oscillation weight’s rotations.

The steel bezel has been treated with black DLC and silicon coating, and is made of two interlocking parts that make up the caseback as well. The bezel has no screws. With articulated lugs, the timepiece comes with neon yellow accents on the lateral minute track and the splitting cubes. Powering this complex watch is the self-winding in-house calibre UR-20.01, delivering 48 hours of power reserve. The Urwerk UR-120 ‘Space Black’ watch also gets a propeller-shaped Windfänger on the rotor to moderate the winding rate. The movement is made of beryllium-copper, with grey PVD brass, sporting hand-finishing circular and sandblasting Côtes de Genève. Released as part of the non-limited edition collection, the watch is finished on a black calf leather with an embossed Cordura pattern.  It offers a water resistance of 300 metres.

Image Credits: Urwerk